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How To Solve Missing Transaction Issue From Bank When Using Quicken?

When you download any new transaction from your bank, you may see the transaction reflected in the bank website but not on the Quicken software. If this is the issue, then you need to follow the steps mentioned here as under:

First of all, check if you are encountering this problem for the first time or if it is occurring frequently.

The below-mentioned points can be the reasons if the problem has occurred for the first time.

  1. Is the sorting order changed in the register: If you have recently change the sorting order of your register, then you may get this problem? To get rid of this, you need to sort account according to date. Click on ‘Date’ column to confirm this action.
  2. Are these transactions 3 months old?: If you are trying to download a transaction which is over 3 months old, then you may not be able to download it due to bank rules and regulations. If you want to download previous transactions, then the only way left out is to go to the bank website and enter your login details to fetch the data.
  3. Are there any pending transactions shown on Bank website? Any pending transaction on bank website may or may not open on quicken immediately. It depends on the bank rules. If the transaction is successfully downloaded but still getting the problem then you can take help from Quicken support team.
  4. Using web connect to download transactions on quicken: Some banks allows the user to download the transaction only after the statement get closed. You can’t check the statement before the closing date. If you have selected a right date range on quicken to download the transaction and still find the same problem, then go to quicken help link.
  5. Incorrect matching of the transaction on the register: This often happens if you deposit a payment to the same account frequently.
  6. Any transaction deleted recently? If you have deleted any transaction from the quicken, then you won’t download it again. If you have deleted in error, then you can re-enter it manually or by calling a quicken support phone number.
  7. Has the transaction moved from one register to another: Go to ‘All’ transactions from your account tab. Locate missing transactions. If you find the missing transactions in the incorrect account, then transfer it to correct account by clicking on ‘Move’ option.

If you are facing the ‘transaction missing’ problem quite frequently, then the below-mentioned steps will help you in fixing it.

  • Go to ‘Edit’ followed by ‘Preferences’. You will find ‘Downloaded transactions’ folder here. Uncheck ‘Automatically add bank register’ option.
  • Check the sort order of your account. It must be according to date. In case you getting the problem in sorting according to date, you can contact quicken tech support team.
  • Reset your register by clicking on the ‘Reset’ button from the top of it.
  • Open ‘Actions’ followed by ‘Register column’. Go to ‘Check downloaded payee’. This will enable you to search by payee name.
  • Open ‘Tools’ and click on ‘Account list’. Click on ‘Hidden accounts’ available at the left bottom of account screen.
  • Click on ‘Tools’ then to ‘Account list’. Go to ‘Edit’ button to change the settings of affected account.

If you still find any problem after implementing the above-mentioned steps, then feel free to contact quicken support. The technical support team will let you know the exact reason for the problem.

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